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Report on a case study involving ICT and instructional strategies

And it is through engaging with ICT that learning defines itself as e-learning.
Heavily content-driven models are no longer in demand and show little understanding of sustaining online culture or appreciation for engagement. Since content only describes the 'I' of ICT, while the 'C' is more about connectedness, community, communications, context, processes, interactions, and engagement.
For the purpose of this exercise the unit of work consists of seven class periods, lectures were prepared for grade level 6-8 students and the subject area was Life Science. There were three topics, namely 1) What's New with Dinosaurs 2) Dinosaur Detectives, and 3) Dinosaurs in Argentina. ( (2001). Assignment Discovery Online Curriculum. Retrieved May 31, 2005 from
Whether using computers in teaching or not, the importance, presence and influence of the 3P personal and situational presage factors (i.e. abilities, motivations, prior knowledge and contextual factors) attributed to a given learning situation remain unchanged. These factors influence the learning process, or the approach adopted by the student to the learning task; which in turn influences the product, or outcomes of learning. (The Nature of Learning and Teaching. Retrieved May 31, 2005 from
Active construction of learning is generally accepted in contemporary education ac ...
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Introducing computers into the learning environment does not necessarily improve learning outcomes. The role of the teacher is critical to the effective use of computers for learning (Galligan, J. (1995). Computers and Pedagogy. Retrieved June 01, 2005 from
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