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Reflection Education - Essay Example


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Reflection Education

Educational technology is essential for making teaching and learning systems smooth and to attain efficiency while pursuing the goal of education. Such a plan involves certain processes, including identification of the goal of education, the learner’s needs and the needs of the teachers. Technology plan of education perceives education in a broader sense and includes aspects such as behavior of the learner, learning objectives and the evaluation by the teachers. The advent of digital convergent media like computer, overhead projectors, smart boards etc has added a new dimension to educational technology which is helpful to increase the productivity and efficiency of both students and teachers. In a comprehensive technology plan, there should be a systematic identification of the goal of education and the potentials of the learners. This will help in recognizing and assisting the diversity of the learners’ needs. Besides, it will also assist both the teachers and the students to design their teaching and learning processes appropriately, in order to attain the ultimate goal of education. Teachers are able to change the conventional classroom atmosphere apart from enhancing the quality of teaching with the help of technical devices. They are also given proper training to implement technology successfully. Both the teachers and students can use computers and other technical devices to increase the productivity and the efficiency of the processes of teaching and learning. In the modern world,

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What needs to be understood about these summaries is that one needs to recognize when one has to go from explaining and describing to offer a better and a more complex analysis. The group was asked to write on their experience on the work they had done together.
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The conclusion from this study states that the only way to understand the real meaning of essay is to create a clear distinction between its close counterparts such as journals, reports, and articles. This distinction may also not bring much difference since most people refer any literature material occurring on a website or on mass media as an article.

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Professional and higher education have become indispensable (Psarras 2006) to the development of the professions in the past few decades. This is especially so in the light of the intense technological and institutional developments with in the emerging knowledge based economy with in professional educational scenario.(Zeleny (2000;Psarras 2006).The trend of equating professional education with universities has affected almost all professions and professionals from all walks of life and age groups who are worried (Zeleny 2000) as to whether they are "updated" within their professions, a concern which was formerly satisfied by gleaning over recent professional magazines as will be seen later
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In fact, reflection is a very important tool for development which challenges the practitioner to think in new ways, raise doubts about effective clinical practice and explore various new methods of solving problems encountered in day-to-day practice.
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Due to the cultural variations, some people tend to do things differently from the others. The diversity is a guarantee that humans cannot be homogenous. Therefore, the variations in culture remain despite the human interaction
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teachers are expected to be competent in all fields, including technological aspects. They will be able to meet the demands of the students only if they are aware of all the information around the world. Otherwise, they may not be able solve complex problems put forward by the students. Educators have, thus, devised the technology appropriate to meet the demands of teachers and students, which will help to enhance the competency of the teachers and the creativity of the students. Nowadays technology is infused to each and every school due to which they have the internet access. Teachers and students use the internet as it is considered as a valuable tool for accessing information easily and quickly. Teachers are able to develop the teaching plan and design effective learning environments and experiences supported by technology. They are also able to implement curriculum plans that include methods and strategies for applying technology to maximize the learning of the students. They also adapt to a variety of effective assessment and evaluation methods with the help of technology. It helps the teachers in assessing the performance of the students. Dr. Valdez says “Technology has become a very powerful instructional tool to develop abstract thinking, which should be also reflected also in assessment” (Critical Issue: Technology: A Catalyst for Teaching and Learning in the Classroom video 1:20). While assessing the performance of the students, teachers are able to find a thorough change in their acquisition of the skills and in the development of their creativity. It helps them in enhancing their productivity and professional practice by engaging in communication with the parents and the community in order to nurture students learning. However, it is necessary that the teachers make the children aware of the ethics in using


Subject June 22, 2011 Reflection Essay In the modern world, technology has become so advanced that its implementation can improve the productivity and efficiency of any field, including education. However, one has to approach a comprehensive technology plan with the knowledge that it will deal with complex and interdependent systems where the elements of one will impact the elements of the other…
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Reflection Education Essay essay example
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