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This means that each culture needs other cultures to help it have a better understanding of itself and expand its intellectual horizon hence saving it from narcissism. Thirdly, each culture is plural internally and in a great way reflects a continuing conversation between its strands of thought and different traditions.
Canada is among the increasingly ethnically and culturally diverse nation. The major response to the diversity is the official multiculturalism which was introduced in the early 1970s. Despite the fact that multiculturalism is almost 40 years old, it nevertheless remains one of the highly controversial and debated issue in the country (Tierney). This paper analyses the various symbiotic derivatives with regard to the Canadian multiculturalism include issues of racism, ethnic and cultural diversity, belonging, immigration, colonization, and hegemonic power.
Canada is a country of immigrants who have in a great way altered the ethnic makeup. This makes it a constitution of wide array of various group with own social and political practices. The pattern of immigration has led to diversity in ethnicity and culture. It has also resulted in cultural and ethnic discrimination which has been a major drawback.
This space helps us to understand the national and regional identity through the stone carvings on the parliament hill. The country has the only Parliament buildings in the world where the stone carving is still in application continuously. This is a unique feature that helps us identify the parliament of Canada. The peace tower has more than 350 carvings.
The parliament has been undergoing various renovations even though the process is difficult and expensive when the building is still in use. Through this, the government has played a great part in giving the Canada’s parliament a facelift to ensure that it is well maintained through ...Show more


It is understood best neither as a political discipline nor a philosophical school with a theory of the man’s place in the world but on a way of viewing the human life.
It has three…
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Can essay example
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