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Critical Review

He critically describes how John Ross joins Confederate and the Cherokee change his loyalty for the sake of a new home and has entered in the Union. The second part of the book relate to “The South,” narrates three diverse experiences where Indian Territory support the Confederacy due to the culture of Southern and because of a feeling of ill will arousing active hostility towards the Federal Government. Cherokee a tribal who has adapted a white man William Holland Thomas and Seminoles were in favour of neutrality and bring together people for a common purpose or generate support to a particular action under the leadership of Opythleyaholo Creek Chief. Confederate generals, compared the Indian neutrality with uncongenial opponents and made a call to Opythleyaholo camp. Whereas William Holland Thomas was serving the Confederacy as a member of a military unit trained as shock troops for hit-and-run raids to protect mountains passes but inwardly preventing Union operations in the Smokies. In the last part, Laurence Hauptman has beautifully but ironically described the American Indians who belonged to Northern States brought together the Union Cause. The tribes of Ottawa and Ojibwa were trying to talk on the term of treaties with Washington. They also proposed their duties as sharpshooters for Union. The Mohegan and Pequot Indians of Nutmeg State happily offered their services towards economic condition of Union. They made offering just for the sake of economic condition not for idealist reasons.

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Williams did not refute this, but argued those administrators entrusted with the duty to apply this policy are mostly to blame for the many pitfalls in American foreign relations. It simply radically critiqued the American foreign policy. He sharply denounced the American counterrevolutionary tendency, and saw it as simple unwarranted belief in liberal capitalism.
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Hauptman’s Between Two Fires is a well written work, its theme, style of writing and used manuscript, bibliography, excellent index all shows the complete research work of Hauptman. He has described the reasons of civil war and very inner reasons of war, reasons of division of Indians towards Americans and other sides very realistically. He used the interesting illustrations very beautifully. There is little flaw can seen in this novel but on the whole is master piece. The reason for writing is that Hauptman wants to disclose and recover the hidden reasons in the history of Civil War, with all its ugliness, heroism in all ways. 2. Second, construct a thoughtful and well-polished 250-300 words response to the some of the question prompted provided;  Q: Why and how did Native Americans play a significant role in the Civil War?  Native Americans played a very significant role in the Civil War by serving as path finder for both the Union (Federal Government) and Confederates. Native American left their homes to participate in the War with a strong hope of better treatment that the government will do after War victory. Q: What problem did Natives have that white communities didn’t have after the war ended?  After the War Natives were treated badly and cruelly by the government and they were forced to move from their territory land to somewhere else with their wives and families. In this regard Falleaf a native got against the tribes and therefore protest against for 6 months but remain unsuccessful. Then starvation enforced him to move from there too. Q: What were the hopes of involvement of tribes? Did the book give any examples were these hopes turned to realities?  Tribes were involved in the war in against or with both parties with a hope to get benefits from them after War. They actually wanted to escape themselves from slavery and other suffering after War.


Overview: What are the book’s strengths? Weaknesses? Why? Use specific examples.  Laurence Hauptman, "Between Two Fires" has revealed the civil war at Indian Territory in chronological order. At that time the loyalties has been divided between the Indians and other Americans…
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