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The hypothesis is greater exposure to more texts will lead to more informed, better crafted inferences, and greater comprehension about what is…

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These include annolighting a text; annotating a text; frame of reference; key concept synthesis; and inferential reading (Greece Central School District).
As mentioned above, the chosen lesson topic is the making of apple pie, and for this the plans for reading strategies before, during and after reading are straightforward. Before reading, the plan revolves around using the frame of reference strategy. This is to essentially contextualize the making of apple pie using my knowledge of other processes that are similar to making apple pie, to ground my thinking and relating processes. During reading, my chosen strategy is to annotate the text. This is to make sure that I cover all of the text, and not miss out on important points. Suggested texts here are the different recipes for making apple pie, from what geographies, and the inherent challenges in each set of recipes. Evaluation of learning here would be based on how well students are able to cover the many different details of the process. For after reading, the chosen strategy is Key Concept Synthesis. This is to make sure the students are able to grasp the big picture after absorbing the details (Greece Central School ...
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