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In his theory of cognitive development, Piaget relates the development process of children to different cultures and visualizes their environments of growth. Piaget describes the development stages to undergo the following process
Assimilation - Assimilation stage is acquired at birth when a child conceptualizes the reflexes that transform gradually pertaining to the environment where one grows up. It mainly constitutes determination of schema that varies according to a particular situation (Wadsworth, 2004).
Equilibrium - Piaget describes equilibrium as determinants enhancing human development process. Piaget articulates that it is never a direct process because different challenges are associated with it. For instance, every stage of development that is coupled by retarded challenges may require replacement by alternative schemas (Wadsworth, 2004).
Oral stage - It requires the development stage of duration from birth to a maximum of 1 year. This period determines the principle part of social development where the body seeks to acquire its form of pleasure thus entail behaviors such as chewing of button and biting of nails (Seorang, 2014).
Anal stage - This is the stage between one to two years where much of the development is relayed on mastery of the right behavioral practices. At this stage, for instance, a child gets to understand toilet manners and desist from attending to their clothes (Seorang, 2014).
Phallic stage - It forms the third stage of human social and emotional development. It mainly focuses on sexuality and the determinants to identify the difference in the genital composition. According to Sigmund, the scene draws many conflicts as boys develop sexual feelings towards their mothers with a comparative fear that their fathers’ who are against such feelings may punish them (Seorang, 2014).
Latency stage - This stage embraces numerous skills development and related activities with much sexual motivation ...Show more


Right below the age of 5years, there are several theories designed by different educational psychologists that explain about the life and development process of young children (Weiner, 2013). The web quest challenges students to learn about the development process of a child…
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