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Jean Piaget

noted that all children develop through all these stages with a childs understanding of the world changing as a child moves from one stage to another. In his study, Piaget was able to prove that choices that people make in life are dependent on the developmental stage that a person has reached (Pressley and McCormick, 2007). This is after the psychologist proved that because children and adults think differently, the choices that people make depend on whether an individual is still a child or an adult. Certainly, Piagets theory of human development has significantly influenced the choices I have made in life. I have particularly used Piagets child intelligence and thought process to guide for pursuance of education as the ultimate means of succeeding in life.
For instance, I did not take education seriously during my childhood days. To me, everything was normal because I used to think mostly in an abstract manner. In fact, I used to find it difficult going to school since I did not view education as something important in life. Such thought process continued until middle adolescent when I began to learn of the importance of education in the present day society. Piagets findings can explain the sudden change in my thought process. In this case, Piaget demonstrated that, once an individual has reached the formal operational stage, the individuals moral decision-making process is refined (Van Blerkom, 2008). Similarly, I began to realize the importance of education upon reaching at adolescent stage.
Nevertheless, as much as I was aware of the importance of education, the fact that I still had childhood thinking prevented me from studying hard. However, as soon as I approached 16 years old, I realized that, for me to succeed in life I have to study hard and obtain good grades. Otherwise, my life will be a misery. My understanding of the importance of studying hard to perform well in class can be explained by Piagets developmental stage theory. In this regard, Piaget ...
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His theory of human development has resonated well with most decisions and choices that people make in life. In his theory of cognitive child development,…
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