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Engineering and Construction Management as an academic course covers three main areas – structures, materials and geotechnics. This discipline is rather complicated, but our student-friendly database will allow anyone to receive excellent examples: research papers, essays, case studies, courseworks, personal statements, and outlines. Become an innovative and experienced young engineer by exploring the educational papers uploaded by the students who have already faced this challenge, and passed the course successfully. Download Studentshare Engineering and Construction samples to manage Constructions in an environmentally friendly way.

Hardness Test

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It occurs whenever the character of the solid matter under force appears to be complex. In this respect, there are a variety hardness measurements. These include indentation hardness, scratch hardness, and rebound hardness. Hardness does not depend on elastic stiffness, ductility, strength, strain, plasticity, toughness, viscosity, and viscoelasticity (Anyalebechi 1).

Dream Job

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Mulling on the potential career that will turn out to be my dream job necessitates taking a stock of the varied concepts and attributes that I essentially associate with job satisfaction and pursuing a fulfilling career. In cognizance of this fact, I strongly believe that my ideal dream job will be working as a customer service engineer with Bentley.

mobile home

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In addition to the climatic conditions, a number of factors also provide for viability of such homes, such as: availability of proper transportation mechanism, ability to sustain environmental and man-made stresses, the endurance to bear weather variations and the technical support in case of any move pertaining to these homes.

How Does Hydropower Energy Affect the Environment in the State of Wyoming?

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This movement of water usually creates kinetic energy that can be easily turned into electricity (Davis 10). This procedure is usually undertaken in a hydroelectric power plant which converts the kinetic energy of water into electricity. The energy contained in the flowing water is derived from the sun, therefore; it can be renewed constantly.

Development of Pad Conditioner Drop Detection System

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Various chemical and mechanical parameters affect the removal rate of CMP. Parameters such as velocity, pressure, slurry composition, and pH effects affect the rate of wear and tear of the pads used in this process. The above parameters will be studied in this project with an aim to determine optimal conditions for the process, hence design a sensor system that can be used to optimize the entire operation.

generating electricity

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Auckland and Northland are stupendous users of energy. However, the national grid has got ageing infrastructure and some parts of the whole network are heavily loaded. This has majorly been caused by the significant increase in demand for energy. On the other hand, Auckland’s energy is dependent on a number of distributed sources of energy.

Discuss how mechanical engineering has helped the human race to develop.

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As one of the broadest and oldest disciplines of engineering, mechanical engineering concerns the production and use of heat in the design, operation and production of tools and machines (Fogiel & Research and Education Association, 1999).

Climate change and hydraulic impacts on water networks supply.

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3 2.2 Data related to climate change parameters on water networks. 6 2.3 Effect of Climate Change on the Future of Water Availability and water demand. 8 2.4 Impacts of climate Change and hydraulic Impact on water networks Pipes Material (DI, PVC, HDPE...) 10 2.5 Recommendation of a possible solution to reduce the impacts of climate change on water networks.

Construction and culture- Old Trafford Stadium (Manchester United Stadium).

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Common knowledge reveals that it is the biggest football ground in the United Kingdom. It was nicknamed ‘The Theatre of Dreams’ by Manchester United's famous captain Sir Bobby Charlton. In spite of current refurbishments that have maintained the stadium looking silky and modern, it still has an irrefutable impression.

Eco-Innovation in Construction Industry

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Today's business environment requires all companies to undergo changes almost more often if they wish to remain competitive. Some of the factors that are demanding change, such as the globalisation of markets and the rapidly evolving technology, force businesses to respond if they wish to survive.

Construction Economics

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Task 1: Recession in Construction and associated Economic Concepts The construction industry is among the most essential industry in the global economy. The nature of the industry deals in both goods and services. It deals with goods such as apartments, houses, factories, schools, offices, roads and the building of other structures.

Causes of Rework and cost overuns in construction of sea water desalination projects in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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It could be any process that removes a vast amount of salt and other minerals from the water. Habitually, it is known as the procedure of drawing the salts and minerals. It is best to purify your water with the process of desalinated and then use it for drinking and as well as for irrigational activities.


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Keywords: 9/11, disaster preparedness, disaster prevention, first responders, terrorism. INTRODUCTION Disaster preparedness always becomes a renewed priority for countries every time major disasters occur. The body of literature is, hence, rich on specific periods immediately after critical events such as the major disasters during the 1960s and 1970s and, of course, the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in New York.

Aerodynamic Drag Reduction in Modern Consumer Automobiles

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A Discussion of the Aerodynamic Drag Reduction in Modern Consumer Automobiles TABLE OF CONTENTS I. Introduction.p. 2 II. Aerodynamic Drag of Vehicles a. Drag and the Different Types of Aerodynamic Drag on Vehicles..pp. 2-8 III. How Modern Design Has Helped to Reduce Dragpp.

Details of structural members in concrete and steel buildings

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From tests and studies conducted, the weaknesses attributed to these materials have been used to look for ways of improving them. Designs drawn by engineers have therefore focused on improvement of structural members in concrete and steel buildings. The structural members play key roles to the durability, safety and costs of structures.


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It incorporates endurance while maintaining well being in the different concepts in the ecology which are environmental, economic, and social and resource use. In ecology sustainability aims at making biological systems diverse and productive to human beings.

research law case in relation to building defects and ethical behaviour

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Can she still sue the builder? Is a builder is liable for pure economic loss to purchasers of commercial properties. What is the the doctrine of “duty of care” and who does it apply to? These are the interesting questions raised by the case of Woolcock Street Investments.

Aircraft anti-skid System Certification and Regulation.

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Anti-skid system Aircraft anti-skid braking system (ABS) is a safety system which utilizes wheel sensor monitor and a valve system. The wheel sensor is used to control and monitor the aircraft movement. It can detect a change in the rate of deceleration. Likewise, the valve system applies and releases the brake.

Americans with Disabilities Act - A Cost Analysis on the Construction Requirements Placed on Commercial Buildings

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Signed into law on July 26, 1990 and took effect 18 months later (Andrews 19), the landmark legislation ensures protection for the civil rights of persons with disabilities against discrimination. In his speech about the historic milestone, then President George H.W.

Safety Leadership: the role of the middle manager in the construction industry

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Leaders and members join efforts to achieve shared organizational goals. One central goal in most organizations is safety. The mounting cases of untoward incidences due to neglect of safety and security measures in organizations will continue to rise unless leaders and members of the organizations heighten their awareness, standards and vigilance in the establishment and maintenance of safety.

Transistor level implementation of karaoke machine with 6 band graphic equalizer

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Roberto del Rosario described Karaoke Sing-Along System (Patent No. UM-5269 dated 2 June 1983, Patent No. UM-6237 dated 14 November 1986), which he invented in 1975, as a handy multi-purpose compact machine that incorporates an amplifier speaker, one or two tape mechanisms, optional tuner or radio and microphone mixer with features to enhance one's voice; its name was derived from the Japanese expression for singing along a famous record with the vocals removed, "karaoke".

Report of the Field Week at Wiston

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Surveying is the technique used in Civil Engineering for determining the correct position of various points in a two dimensional plane and in the three dimensional space as well. The accuracy of the surveying dictates the accuracy of the future construction and planning of the land.

The Influence of Language and Cultural Barriers in Project Management Effectiveness among Construction Companies in UAE: An Empirical Study

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Abstract The present research aims to determine the influence of cultural and language barriers on project management effectiveness among Southeast Asian migrant workers in the UAE. 126 migrant workers were purposively sampled for the study. The statistical findings show that the respondents are not certain about roles and status as a source of conflict within the project management context of the UAE construction industry.

Evaluating Civil Engineering in Modern Day Technology and as a Career Path

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Civil engineering is very closely related with the civilization of mankind and directly impacts the way of living of human beings in the modern times as well, because all the construction works and facilities which have revolutionized the way of living of human beings is due to the advancements in civil engineering.

An analysis for the potential of Deregulation of the Electricity Sector in the State of Qatar

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This topic is not only of interest for the researcher, but is chosen also because it is a very challenging topic. No similar research has been done so far about Qatar. Similar studies have been done for UAE, KSA and even Oman, but no research has been done about Qatar so far.
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