Сollapse of the CTV building  Assignment example
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Engineering and Construction
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This is a small report describing the facts and reasons for the collapse of the CTV building due to the after-shakes of an earthquake. It also highlights the points of the management and the stakeholders for which such devastation occurred.


Along with this, it also includes a short analysis of the facts which are duly responsible for such a mishap. In addition, a small conclusion and summary are also included along with recommendations for future actions. One of the important areas of this study is to find out the key stakeholders and role players who were directly or indirectly associated with the collapse of the CTV building. Name and details of these role players and stakeholders have been discussed in Chapter 2. Decision making process of the organizational factors and key management associated with the incident before, during and after the actual massacre of CTV building. From the detailed analysis in this chapter, it has been found that there were high extend of inefficiency of the top management in terms of their key responsibilities and ethical work practice and their ineffectiveness decision making process. Negative impact of many external organizational factors have been discussed which were not forecast prior to the collapse. Major defaults that were the root cause behind the collapse of CTV building were also analysed in Chapter 3. Few of major defaults that have been found out are lack of proper monitoring of top management and higher authorities, construction of an irregular structure and use of poor quality raw materials and old equipment during the constructions of the building. ...
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