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Society Author’s Name Institutional Affiliation Abstract The work herein is about the steam engine, it is a description of its cradle development through many years, since its first inception. The work covers the contributions of people credited for the invention through history, and the technological development of the steam engine.


The invention of the steam engine accelerated industrial revolution in Europe and later the entire world. However, although the intended purpose of this invention was met, there were other side effects due to the invention, and all this will be discussed in this write up. Keywords: Steam Engine, Invention, Science, Society, Inventor, Industrial Revolution, History of Steam Engine The power of steam is given credit for its earlier and current application in the power industry. Long ago, steam power made a lot of difference in industries, it still does. Its history is dated back to the first century. There were a lot of life challenges that required innovations to reduce the human labour and increase production. Miners during the 18th century faced a lot of challenges relating to the mining industry; they had to look for the ways of overcoming these obstacles. Their effort for minimizing challenges led to the introduction of steam energy to pump water from deep mines; this slowly transformed to the fully developed steam engine (“Industrial History: The History of the Steam Engine,” 2013). Before the introduction of steam, power was obtained through wind, animals, and water. ...
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