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Steering Wheel With Heart-Rate Monitor (SWOT and PEST Analyses) Name of Student (author) Name of University (affiliation) Steering Wheel With Heart-Rate Monitor The new technology being proposed in this paper is a steering wheel with a heart-rate monitor embedded on the steering wheel itself.


These computer-related programmes make it easier to ask ‘what if’ questions, make any technical changes or to add enhanced features to any existing design, with alterations in manufacturing made easy using visualisation and graphics (Lieu & Sorby, 2009). If consumer safety advocacy groups can be enticed to ask for this new technology, then government agencies tasked with road safety will be interested and call for early adoption. Other factors can significantly impact the adoption of this new proposed technology, such as the availability of research funding and the eventual equity funding to have a start-up firm. The adoption of air bags took thirty years from initial patent application to making it a standard safety feature today (Pressler, 1998). A special steering wheel will cost about US$25 and the heart-rate monitor will cost an additional US$50 (depending on the brand and model), so the two important devices will total approximately US$75 to produce or manufacture. The car alarm rigged to the heart-rate monitor will cost an additional US$25, a microcontroller will cost about US$100 and the GPS device will cost around US$100, so these four important devices (steering wheel with heart-rate monitor, microcontroller, car alarm, and GPS device) will cost a total of US$300, with another US$100 for direct labor costs for the installation. ...
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