Measuring Sustainability in a manufacturing /operation Organization

Measuring Sustainability in a manufacturing /operation Organization Essay example
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[ your name ] [ Professor’s name ] [ Course name / number ] [Publish Date] Measuring Corporate Sustainability: Al Ain Properties Introduction to Al Ain Properties The Al Ain Group runs a number of different business concerns in the United Arab Emirates including a real estate development business.


Since then the group has realigned itself over time and entered the real estate development business too under the label of Al Ain Properties. The real estate wing was created in 2005 to deal with real estate development at home and abroad. Al Ain Properties (formerly Seba Properties) now deals with real estate in both the UAE and the Middle East as well as globally. The company has investments and assets in North America, Europe, North America as well as North Africa. The real estate development by the company has not been limited to residential spaces alone but has expanded to take on commercial and industrial projects too. Currently, Al Ain Properties deals with the development of apartment complexes, villas, retail space, hotel and resort complexes, commercial offices as well as industrial warehouses (Al Ain Properties, 2013). Al Ain Properties has been at the fore front of the real estate industry in Abu Dhabi and is committed to the application of industrial best practices. In addition, the company is aware of the need to use advanced architectural design and adherence to building standards. Another major facet of Al Ain Properties’ operation is the emphasis on environmental sustainability. The company does its level best to achieve environmental sustainability by minimising the need for energy during development and operation of its projects globally. ...
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