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Name: Tutor: Course: Date: Course CIVE 446 – Construction Engineering Qn. 1. The life cycle of a constructed facility refers to the duration, through which the given facility will take – throughout its life cycle. The stages covered under the lifecycle of a constructed facility include the planning stage, the designing stage, project start up, use and operation stage, revitalization or renewal stage and the stage for disposal (Edwards, Bartlett and Dickie 2-7).


When the constructed facility is offered proper management and maintenance, the facility may last 100 years or more; the facility is also capable of serving different functions within the specified time. The actual lifetime of a property is dependent on a number of factors, including the quality of design, the durability of the materials used for the construction, the quality of the facility and the technology used (Edwards, Bartlett and Dickie 2-7). Other factors determining the lifetime of the facility include the local climate and the location, extent of use and the damage caused by human errors and natural disasters. The components of a project’s life cycle include the initiation phase, which entails the determination of the timing and the scope of the given project. The second component is the planning phase, where the detailed planning of the project takes place, and the actions aimed at the completion of the plan are started. The third is the execution phase, where the action items are implemented, and physical deliverables are delivered. The fourth component is the close-out phase, which covers the wrap-up of the project. ...
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