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ASSIGNMENT NUMBER 2 Question 1: How would an engineering firm establish the requirements for the design of a hospital in a major city in Canada? List the steps and process. Explain what the impact would be to implement LEED standards to achieve a “gold” certification.


Following are the steps involved in designing new hospitals in Canada(Martin). First and foremost step is designing the patient care areas which may either be for a single patient or for multiple patients. These areas are designed for proper HVAC conditions so that least energy is consumed to maintain required environmental parameters. These areas are usually provided with a window or wall that is directly exposed to harsh weather conditions. Therefore, proper supply and exhaust outlets are provided in order to provide isolation from air borne infections. Rooms being designed for patients with burns, aids or other diseases in which rate of infection is much higher, are provided with protective environment. In this case air pressure within the room is controlled by venture valve. After designing patient care rooms, waiting rooms and examination rooms are designed. These are designed to provide better sitting and waiting conditions to the patients. Usually square plaque diffusers are used in these areas in order to provide rapid mix supply of air within the room. Operating rooms within the hospitals are not only provided with good HVAC condition but also with good lightning strategies. Operating rooms are usually provided with laminar flow systems for the diffusion and mixing of air, where surgical areas are provided with air curtain systems. ...
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