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Title Name University Course Instructor Date Abstract The organ preservation techniques have improved and various organ preservation remedies are available and are in constant modification to provide enhanced tissues results and storage. The paper will analyze various methods involved in organ preservation and the possible outcomes.


Discussion Following the successful testing of the immunosuppressive impacts of cyclosporine in transplant patients in 1970s, the field of organ transplants began a vertical growthand the field of organ preservation became increasingly important as the need to increase preservation time and improve graft functionbecame importantbecause of increased death cases due to lack of a transplant, (Toledo-Pereyra 25). To solve this donor crisis, there is a need to increase the donor pool leading to employment of different methods of organ preservation as discussed below. Static preservation method This involves use of Simple cold storageowing to the fact that hypothermia was employed for organ preservation to reduce the kinetics of metabolic activities that would otherwise lead to cellular death when oxygen is removed from the donor organ. In the storageprocess, the preservation remedy is infused into the tissues and the tissues are laterstatistically stored at reduced temperatures. The finding of the Collins' solution in 1969 increased SCS preservation time to 24 hr for kidneys owing to the fact that this solution reversed the sodium potassium concentration to mimic intracellular-like composition and also the high concentration of glucose molecules that reduce cell swelling. ...
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