Ethical Analysis of Eight Mile Road Hearsay Accident

Ethical Analysis of Eight Mile Road Hearsay Accident Essay example
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<Student’s Name> <Professor’s Name> <Course Code/Name> <Date of Submission> Ethics in Nuclear Engineering - Eight Mile Road Hearsay Introduction Nuclear engineering requires safety precautions and security measures. This is because the consequences of nuclear disasters are very dare hence ought to be kept to the minimal.


As a result, an engineer is under pressure to explain the causes and consequences of such actions. The incident has raised major concerns within the ECCS Analysis. The primary reason for this concern is the termination of High Pressure Injection, a situation that places the power plant in major trouble (Barbour 12). Facts A pressure valve opened so that it can relieve steam hence decrease pressure due to a minor over-pressurization passing. As a result, the pressure valve failed to close. When the plant operator noticed this inaccuracy, he terminated high pressure injection. It is worth noting that this was a faulty move from the operator because the system was on a two-phase state. High pressure injection is only applicable when the primary system stood in a sub cooled state. Within 20 to 30 minutes after high pressure injection was terminated, the pressurizer level collapsed showing that this was a wrong move. As a result, the operator was forced to reintroduce injection. Significant fluid inventory was lost in the 30 minutes that injection was terminated. The engineer reported back to superiors with the facts as required. However, the superiors did not take the nuclear engineer seriously. Instead, they dismissed this as hearsay. It is worth noting that nuclear engineering is governed by a strict code of conduct. ...
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