Discuss how mechanical engineering has helped the human race to develop.

Discuss how mechanical engineering has helped the human race to develop. Assignment example
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As a branch of engineering, mechanical has influenced human civilization and has thus contributed to the development and sustenance of human race. Engineering seeks to make human life easier by facilitating the use of machines to reduce the workload.


Among the aspects of human lives, that mechanical engineering has influenced includes transportation. Throughout the history of humans, the transportation of products to the commercial centers was one of the biggest challenges to the development and faster civilization of humans. However, with the discovery of mechanical engineering, humans have fast tracked developments in communication and transportation technologies thus developing stronger economies of the contemporary society.
Mechanical engineering began in the 18th century in central Europe during the industrial revolution. The wave of industrial revolution in Europe influenced numerous discoveries with the view of increasing the use of machines to replace the extensive human labor that had preceded the agrarian revolution. Humans thus concerted their effort in determining the best ways of harnessing heat energy and using it to run machines. Among the several areas, that humans concentrated on was transportation. Humans had tried developing faster and easier ways of transportation to help facilitate the movements of both people and products. After the invention of the wheel much earlier, humans concentrated on inventing ways of propelling the wheel and using it to facilitate transportation. ...
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