case study project for Engineering Graphics & Design

case study project for Engineering Graphics & Design Case Study example
Case Study
Engineering and Construction
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Case Study Student’s name College Case Study 1.0 Introduction The purpose of this report is to evaluate the steps taken in development of a product to solve a problem in engineering. In other words, the report seeks to evaluate the strategic steps followed by the designers according to steps involved in the development of a product in engineering.


The study involved a case where energy storage system can detect the frequency of the power output, and controls this frequency automatically to arrive at the required frequency of the power output. The study assumes an introduction of wind power generation at 1/10 of the power system capacity, and investigates the use of energy storage using a dead band control, contrary to using a high-pass filter type of control. The proposed approach seeks to regulate frequency deviations resulting from power output fluctuations, as well as the respective fluctuations related to the system load. The study aims at understanding the results of a simulation concerning performance control and charge and discharge power on frequency deviations. Moreover, the study evaluates the total energy storage capacity of the battery that is fit to hold a specific range of fluctuations. ...
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