As I am expert witness (visual impact analyst) -Scenario: A developer is interested in building a five star, 27 story hotel on a - Assignment Example

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As I am expert witness (visual impact analyst) -Scenario: A developer is interested in building a five star, 27 story hotel on a

The roles of various team members for visual impact assessment are listed. Moreover, the group approach and its various shortcomings have been highlighted to allow for further research in the subject area. Introduction Developments along waterfronts bring the opportunity of enriching a facade while also posing several visual complications. Waterfront developments may provoke both praise and criticism, especially, in context of the local community. The current report concerns proposed waterfront development along the Otago Harbour that would impinge the existing visual arrangement. There is a growing body of knowledge that requires expert visual assessment in addition to other evaluations of development (Churchwood, 2013, p. 15) (Shepherd, 2002, p. 40). The contention is to assess the overall visual impact of the proposed development as an expert eyewitness and to see if the proposed development would add to or abrade the existing visual arrangement. Local developers are plying for the development of a twenty seven storey hotel, located at 41 Wharf Street, which lies along the waterfront in Dunedin (Porteous, 2013). The proposed location lies on one of the most visually critical areas of the harbour. The deepest portion of the local harbour ends in the location that the proposed hotel will be developed on. ...
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Visual Impact Analysis [ your name ] [ course name / number ] [Publish Date] Executive Summary Visual impact assessment was carried out to gauge the visual effects of building a twenty seven storey hotel at 41 Wharf Street, Dunedin. The application of various visual methods and techniques led to the results that the proposed construction would add positive visual appeal to the area…
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