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Portfolio for my 4 in Traffic safety - Essay Example


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Portfolio for my 4 in Traffic safety

Introduction: When we live in a well mannered and cultured society then we also have to follow the cultural values and norms of the respective culture. There may be difference in these values regarding different cultures prevailed all over the world but still there are certain norms which are very much common among them. These norms are not only meant for showing discipline and mannerism but sometimes they are also for our safety and security of the individual even. If anyone does not follow such rules and regulations which are for the well being of the society then he or she may have to suffer it. These society disciplinary values may include communication style, dressing or appearance style, eating style, work place ethics and even road safety practices. Now, specifically talking about road safety practices because, they are wholly meant for the security purposes. These rules must be applied through laws which are implemented with the help of Government of any country. These road safety practices not only show discipline and mannerism but also save traffic from dreadful accidents and thus saving lives as well. But it is only possible if these traffic rules are properly implemented and also followed by the general public. Youngsters are usually famous for breaking or we can say not following the traffic rules. It is said that they do not bother how fast they are driving the vehicle. The overtaking of the vehicle from wrong side is not a problem for them. According to survey conducted at

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global level, there are almost 1000 people who suffered from road accidents and they are under the age of 25 (Toroyan & Peden, VII). Government can ensure the fulfillment of any such traffic laws by announcing different punishments etc. There are many reasons who have added to the likelihood of road accidents. These may include speed, no use of helmet, drive while drunk, not tying seat belts, and no care of children’s seats. This paper mainly focuses on the rules and regulation for the traffic or we can say the road mannerism being implemented in KSA Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia stands at the position of having much road accidents. Therefore creating havoc for the Government to handle this situation. Conclusion: Road Safety is the hot topic of today’s fast moving world because of the increased number of automobiles moving on the roads. This is a sign of developed economies that the movement on roads has been increased. To support this movement there should be a strong enough infrastructure. And this infrastructure also includes proper guidance regarding safety measures while travelling on roads. But the road safety is not only important for the drivers of vehicles but also for the pedestrians, motorcyclist, and bicyclist and even for those who are travelling in public vehicles. The pedestrians should be aware about all the signals so that they may know when to cross the road. The Statistics quoted in the content showed that the no. of accidents due to violation of traffic rules is a considerable point for the higher authorities. Such accidents may cause injuries, physical disabilities and even deaths. Using mobile phones while driving can be the biggest cause of road accidents. Such mobile using drivers not only put their but also other’s life at stake. The loss occurred due to road accidents may be monetary in terms. These may cause the victim family to suffer if their earning hand or the family’


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Portfolio for my 4 essay in Traffic safety essay example
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