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Facilities Engineering Coursework Gazelle oilfield is located in West Africa in the region of Cote d’Ivoire, and is majorly supported and supervised by Rialto Energy Limited working in the same location. It is actually located at CI-202 and company is now planning for the placement of new reforms for generating more funds by expanding the business.


Here are the CPR results obtained for oil and gas exploration: Figure 1: CPR results of Gas and Oil extracted from Gazelle Well Major products extracted out of the oilfield at Gazelle are liquefied petroleum gas, gasoline, diesel fuel, fuel oils, lubricating oils, paraffin wax, sulfur. Question: Prepare flow schemes showing the architecture of the layout and of the main components used from the wellhead to the point of export for all option. The architectural layout of the Gazelle offshore oilfield is shown below with all the processing units and their respective processing cycles. This is a very large operating unit with extensively large piping layout with fluid streams running along. Crude oil is first passed through an oil production unit which provides the pre-processed oil to the oil storage tank from where it is delivered to the processing plant through a piping system. Here is the detailed flow diagram of all the processes taking place along their sequential flows: Figure 2: Flow Diagram of Gazelle Oilfield with components used in Oil Production Gazelle oilfield is a field that requires extensive production as well as operational refurbishments but even then it is above working above case base oil producing offshore refineries. ...
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