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Health and Safety Name: Course: Lecturer: University: Date: In the incident of an individual or group of people commit an offence in relation to health and safety, with the consent or connivance of, or rather is attributed to a neglect on the part of a manager, director, other officers or the secretary of the company/organization, then the company or the identified violators can be prosecuted under section 37 with charges relation to Health and Safety at Work, in accordance to Act 1974 (Health and Safety at Work etc.


There are a number of very important regulations to ensure safety. For instance, there are the electricity at work regulations of 1989; reporting of injuries, diseases and dangerous occurrences regulations of 1995; provision and use of work equipment regulations 1998; dangerous substances and explosive atmosphere regulations of 2002, and; supply of machinery (Safety) regulations of 2008. All these regulations are inclined to section 6 of the Health and Safety at Work Act which places specific duties on individuals who are charged with the responsibilities of designing, manufacturing, importing or supplying articles to be used at work places to make sure that such articles are so constructed and designed in a manner that upholds the principles of safety and with no affiliated risks to users’ health. Breaking of the health and safety laws is liable to recovery charges in relation to time and efforts spent in putting right, investigating and ensuring proper enforcement actions. ...
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