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The Procurement Law of 2006 was the government’s response to Sir Latham’s report that was published in 1994 and Sir Egan’s Report that was in itself published in 1998. The Procurement Law of 2006 was designed to prevent the occurrence of a pre-Latham and Egan report state.


Although enacted more than a decade later the Procurement Law was designed to arrest if not prevent a repeat of the era which was considered the lowest ebb the construction industry have experience in the United Kingdom. Although generally applicable in construction project where the government is the primary client, both reports take into consideration one important aspect in construction projects that is the satisfaction of the client.
This report shall tackle the procurement process in construction that is designed to deliver projects that will not only address the needs of the clients but also satisfy the requirements of the other leading proponents of the project. This report shall describe the differences and nuances of the different procurement route that is available in the construction industry to achieve the common goals of the clients, the project proponents and the organization tasked to carry out the project to its completion. This report shall likewise attempt to design or come up with a strategic procurement route that could be a hybrid or a combination of the different procurement route that is available to better achieve the requirement of the Principal of Heriot Watt University (HWU).
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