Construction and organisation management. Tendering and estimating

Construction and organisation management. Tendering and estimating Essay example
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Q1 a) Discuss how the Economic Climate could affect L&H bidding strategy as a Main Contractor and how they may monitor their success rate. (25 Marks) Ans. The UK construction sector has a great importance and links to its economy, as the construction industry is about 8.5 % of the GDP of UK.


But now the situation is getting better and the CSN also stated that the industry will have a growth rate of 1.4% each year from 2011-14. Under such a recession that the medium and small contractors must restrategize themselves, their policies and their operating zones. As it is seen that the north parts of UK have seen massive downturn, and whereas other parts such as wales and London have seen growth due to important events such as Olympics and etc. It is to be noted that there are about 614 contracting companies working in the south east England which is the highest no of companies that work in any other region of UK, on the other hand there are about 511 contracting companies that operated in the London region. This statistics clearly show the high level of saturation in the market and the stiff competition to get projects. This fact the bidding process of L & H significantly, as L & H should go for the project which it has been invited for and at the same time it should be conscious of the fact that cost analysis of the project should be done vigorously and carefully as new location of project can open new markets for the company as well as cause loss to the company due to in experience in that region. ...
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