Environmental impact & modern methods of construction

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Engineering and Construction
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Name Course Subject University Environmental Impact & Modern Methods of Construction Task 1 Environmental Impact of Construction Works 1. Employer Requirements The list of Employers Requirements (ER) is a critical step in which most construction projects are initiated.


Most important, the ER will serve as guide that will be followed by all entities involved with the project. It will meet terms of all the DfES Constructional Standards 1997 and as amended (2001). The Constructional Standards override the current Building Regulations on Ramps Steps and Handrails (sections F, K & M). 1.1. Project Overview The project is focused on erecting a GBP 12.5 million school building. The building will constructed by demolishing the old structures. The new infrastructure is located in a residential area which is the main concern of the project proponent. Aside from successfully raising the building, the Project Manager needs to devise strategies that will eliminate environmental hazards and other related problems. 1.2. Project Participants The main proponent of the project is the government which serves as the main source of funds. The private contract shall be determined through public biddings. The private contractor is responsible for ensuring that necessary permits are obtained as well as systematic planning and execution are undertaken. The other players are the residents living adjacent to the proposed location which will likely be affected by the construction. 1.3. ...
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