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Switch grass is current used for the production of biofuel (Jefferson, McCaughey, May, Woosaree, & McFarlane, 2002). Biomass in Alberta Province of Canada (Jefferson, McCaughey, May, Woosaree, & McFarlane, 2002) Biomass Mean annual yield (Mg/h) Prairie sand reed 9.5 Switch grass 7.0 Big bluestem 5.5 Western wheat grass 8.8 Mammoth wild rye 7.7 Green needle grass 15.8 wheatgrass 7.5 Thick spike 6.7 Question 2 The following bio-products can be obtained from the bio-refinery: bio-diesel, ethanol, modified proteins, adhesives and resins, solvents and lubricants as well as industrial plant-based oil products (such as fertilizers, plastics), and plant-made industrial products (such as composites), Propose conversion technologies that can be applied in the biorefinery to produce the identified products; at least two different paths to ethanol should be included Biomass handling technologies for the production of different bio-products from the biomass listed in the Table above involved harvesting, transportation, storage and pre-processing and fermentation or anaerobic digestion. ...
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Question 1 Biomass is simply organic material that can be converted into useable energy. It is found in forests, fields and barns, in forest industry plants, and in landfills. In Alberta province of Canada biomass includes residues from wood processors diverted from landfill or incineration; forest harvesting residues; wood from fire- and insect-killed forest stands; agricultural crop residues; manure from farm livestock operations; municipal waste diverted from landfills; landfill gas for power; and energy crops…
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