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ABSTRACT It is not only expensive but also time consuming to provide support for underground mining for the purpose of ground control that is essential for effective and safe contemporary mining. The most frequent kinds of rock support in practice these days include the combination of mesh screens and rock bolts and other different forms of shotcrete.


In comparison to using screen and bolts, shotcrete is considerably more productive however it also is significantly more expensive and needs substantial amount of material handling. The material costs of spray-on liners are very much higher however they result in considerable increased productivity as well as lesser efforts for material handling in comparison to the other support systems. This report compares the productivity and economic factors linked with the shotcrete and polymer lining, bolt and screen underground rock support methods. It also discusses the direct and indirect production factors as well as the operating and capital costs, which include set times, installation, and material handling issues, for a generic mining operation. 1. INTRODUCTION Ground support has been employed in underground mines in order to ascertain the security and protection of the personnel as well as the equipment working there as well as to fulfill the desired engineering purpose of the aperture (Archibald, 1999). The rockmass around an aperture may be considerably fragmented and fractured as a result of the combination of stresses (in situ and induced), discontinuities and also, because of the blasting activities for the production or development purposes. ...
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