Role of Women in Math, Science and Engineering

Role of Women in Math, Science and Engineering Essay example
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It is a proven fact that participation of women in scientific, mathematical and engineering disciplines remains disproportionately low compared to their male counterparts in both professional and academic endeavors. This disparity has existed for a long time and it has been a subject of political and academic debate in both developed and developing economies.


However, in spite of these challenges, few women have made an impression in these disciplines, discrediting the myth about the gender’s weakness in the subjects. This paper discusses the role of women in the academic disciplines, related to math, science and engineering. In particular, the paper focuses on the contribution of women in United States in the 19th century and compares the conditions that existed then with the current years. In the recent times, the number of prominent women scientists, mathematicians and engineers pales in comparison to liberal artists, authors, dramatists and dancers in the American society (Clough, 2004). In the 19th century, Berger(1987, p73) noted that the number of women in math, science and engineering disciplines was far much less in a society that was making transition from the agrarian to an industrial driven economy. According to Berger(1987, p89), the role of women in the now developed United States was restricted to home chores, a factor that greatly undermined their early involvement not only in pursuit of their studies, but also in the choice of their careers. In the highly multicultural American society, the academic progress of women especially from the minority groups was an enormous challenge. ...
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