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Client’s Name: Course: 14 July 2011 There are several risks involved in construction, it is extremely important to work in unison to avoid fatal accidents; following good practices in the workplace is the key to avoiding fatalities. Industrial accidents are fatal because they result in loss of lives, loss of money and loss of reputation, it is necessary to follow the safety instructions to ensure the safety of the whole team working on the construction site.


Construction workers often fall from height and lose their life, this is also the leading safety hazard, it is the duty of the architect, client, engineer, site manager and quantity surveyor to ensure that there is proper harness in place, it should be checked properly so that such fatalities can be avoided. Motor vehicle crash is another very dangerous construction site hazard, this can be avoided by following the paths laid in the beginning of the project, the architect is responsible for doing that. Everyone involved on a construction site must ensure that they wear their protective equipment this has helped save many a life in the past and will save more in the future. “The workplace must be a safe environment. If we all show good practice in the workplace, a lot of industrial accidents can be avoided.” (A Safe Working Environment) Pinpointing Roles Role of an Architect: Design Role: Several fatal accidents occur should the design of the building be wrong, an architect must meet the client on a regular basis to discuss and have the design approved. There are several local zoning and planning laws which an architect must comply with. ...
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