Engineering and Construction
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Controlling your Building Business Name Instructor Task Date Introduction Like any other company, all companies need to have an organizational structure to help in running it effectively. For example, a company operates and executes its services and products to its clients.


Company Structure •BOD consists of five members. •The chairman will also act as the chairman of all other companies in their group. •Vice chairman will also be the real C.E.O of the firm. •GM department. •F.A department where accounting, treasury and finance participated. •HR Department. •Organisational Department. •Information communication and technology department where technologies, licence and patent are issued. •G.M is defined as the operating manager of the company, since the vice Chairman who is working directly under the General Manager, took majority of the general manager work. •There is Engineering Manager who is directly involved with project control, project co-ordination, planning, purchase and proposal sectors. •Construction manager is involved with site construction management. •Project manager to compose all of the organization projects also represents the General Manager in external activities. This structure will fundamentally fit into an outstanding engineering and construction company, where co-ordinator is given weak power and much power given to engineering and construction departments. Vice-chairman is the actual C.E.O while general management is separated between engineering manager and constructional manager of the company (Wang, 2011). ...
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