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BUILDING AND CONSTRUCTION SAFETY PRECAUTIONS NAME OF STUDENT STUDENT NUMBER GRADE COURSE INSTRUCTOR’S NAME 8TH FEBRUARY 2012. Question1. Material Hoist Safety Precaution Safety is a key concern in the construction and design of a material hoist. The hoist must be designed in a manner that it will have the capacity to carry the materials up and have a powerful motor that will not reverse in the process of lifting heavy loads.


The lifts should be maintained regularly and proper records kept after each maintenance session. These are some of the major issues that have been considered in the safety of using a material hoist as discussed below. Workers Training and Safety The construction workers are the people who will be using the hoist frequently, and therefore more likely to be injured by the hoist. To avoid accidents that might be caused by their negligence, it is important for them to be trained on how to use the hoist and some safety precautions. A material hoist should be manually controlled by a well trained operator so as to ensure safety of other workers lacking the technical knowhow of a material hoist operation. All the workers should be provided with a simple list of do’s and don’ts safety information to reduce the risk of self injury due to carelessness. Material Hoist Specifications The material hoist must be designed in such a way that it is enclosed in a compartment which has openings on each floor which will act as doors. Each opening should have a landing plate which will clutch the hoist when loading and offloading (Labor Department 23). ...
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