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Assessment 1: MEASURED BUILDING SURVEY (Name) Presented to (Instructor/Tutor) (Course/Subject) (Institution/University) (City, State) (Date) Cross Section AA (Not drawn to scale) PLAN OF BUILDING Critical analysis of the task There exist different types of survey depending on cost, work conducted, and detail of the structure and qualifications of type surveyor.


It comments on the current state of all parts of the structure. These parts of the building are physically inspected but limited to the scope of services offered by the building surveyor. Major defects survey is also referred to as main elements survey. For this type of survey, focus is on the main parts of the structure. Inspection and report concentrate on selected areas like roofs, floors, ceilings and windows. The home buyer report survey is standardized, covering main aspects of the structure but not detailed. It is restricted only to accessible parts of the structure. Specific survey narrows down the scope of survey to particular parts of a property depending on the owner’s knowledge (Douglas, and Noy, 2011 P.8). In most cases, building survey is advocated for buildings that lack documentation or they cannot be used. However, it assists in developing reliable and an accurate document and or a verification of an existing document. This makes building survey an essential activity in the planning process as well as providing detailed information for further planning activities. The methods of survey used are: field sketch, dimensioned sketch, tape and offset survey or extended baseline survey and plane table and alidade survey. ...
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