What is the Evidence for the Big Bang? Essay example
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The primary focus of the essay is to capture the essence of the Big Bang theory and present to the reader evidence that proves that the Big Bang notwithstanding its flaws is still the most accepted theory that explains the evolution of our Universe.


There is both, observational and mathematical evidence that corroborate the validity of the assumptions of the Big Bang Theory. To a curious mind gazing up from down below, the truth about the origin and evolution of the cosmos might still look like the hazy fleeting stars that sit millions of light years away. It was not just the tension-gripped scientists at CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) who tried to uncover the mysteries and validate the theories of the origin of the universe with the large hadron collider experiment. From the breakthrough Hubble made to the particle accelerator at CERN, the question of the origin and evolution of the Universe continues to remain pivotal in cosmology and the mind of every human being. One theory pertaining to the evolution and origin of the Universe that has emerged as a demigod in cosmology is the Big Bang Theory. Largely accepted, evidenced and validated the Big Bang theory has, for over a century now, been the centre point of almost all experiments and studies pertaining to this topic. The purpose of this paper is to establish the validity of the Big Bang through scientific evidence. This paper will attempt to capture the essence of the theory, and compress the supporting (and negating) evidence for it thereby enabling the reader to develop a basic understanding of the subject. ...
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