Effects of working memory demand on performance and mental stress during the Stroop task

Effects of working memory demand on performance and mental stress during the Stroop task  Essay example
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Effects of Working Memory Demand on Performance and Mental Stress during the Stroop Task Author Tutor’s Name Course Grade Institution 28th February 2012 EFFECTS OF WORKING MEMORY DEMAND ON PERFORMANCE AND MENTAL STRESS DURING THE STROOP TASK A working memory refers to the ability of actively holding information that requires carrying out complicated activities such as learning, reasoning and even understanding, in the brain.


This association has not been verified, since the link between the two aspects has not yet been established. Mental stress results from the lack of balance between external requirements, and the ability of the individual to accomplish them. Mentally or emotionally related stress influences the daily life of a human being, and his or her performance. If one becomes exposed to extreme mental stress, it affects the nervous system, and can affect their performance severely. Most of the stressors associated with human computer interaction occur as a result of massive workloads, a lot of work pressure, job control tasks that are not efficient, and which are also monotonous, poor relationships between supervisors and the supervised. It is suggestive of the demand/control model of work strain, that little control and low social supports happen to be demanding. Working in shifts, factors that are human related and ergonomics have an association with mental stress. A dependable amount of evidence shows that heart diseases have links with extreme work demand. Therefore, evaluating the rate of heart activity can help in gauging occupational risks. ...
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