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Nuclear energy is arguably one of the most dominant topics in the international front. The anticipated economic benefits from the nuclear reactors are issues of global importance with the United States, Iran and other nations take special interest.


However, the anticipated environmental concerns and possible health and life threatening effects are consistently increasing the international organizations’ condemnation on the eminent nuclear energy in Iran. Indeed, the nuclear reactors tragedy in Fukushima Japan brought severe and lifetime effects that proved to be dangerous and inevitable (Greenpeace 1). However, the significance of this critical subject hails from the fact that the host nation is a minority nation with more economical interests than human or global security concerns. Iran is indeed not in any way ready to compromise its quest in this project. Actually, the urge to make their dream for a nuclear source of energy has only grown more real. Additionally, Iran has been concealing a ploy to develop uranium enrichment in its territories. Indeed, Iran produced 215 billion kWh gross in 2008 generating a per capita consumption of about 2000 kWh/yr. Out of these production, 80% of its electricity was from gas and 16.5% from oil. In fact, the nuclear energy reactor started up in Iran on 8 May 2011 through September 2011 after many years of construction and many consistent efforts against ever increasing international opposition. With 75 % production capacity realized in March, the prospects of the project oversee the project entering commercial operation about April 2012 (World Nuclear Association 1). ...
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