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Personal Development Planning Name Institution Course Date Personal Development Planning Personal Development Planning is the process that helps one to think about his or her own life, in terms of learning, performance and /or achievements hence, helping one to plan for his or her personal, educational, and career development.


Furthermore, to university students, it is a terrific way to take advantage of all the opportunities that university life has to offer. Alternatively, PDP can be a source of motivation when one’s interest starts to wane (Gosling, 2003). The main processes of the in PDP that help learners think about their study and make plans for the future are; reflection, recording, action planning, executing and evaluating. Reflection is the process of pulling ideas and different thoughts together so as to make sense of a purpose. In recording, one puts down ideas, thoughts and experiences, in order to evidence and understand the process and outcomes of learning. Action planning is setting out a plan, and this likely means achieving the goal. Executing is carrying out the activities which make up the plan of action. Finally, in evaluating one makes sense of what ha or she has been doing (Gosling, 2003). Computing This is a branch of engineering science that deals with the study of computable processes and structures with the aid of computers. In this module, students learn how to build and design software and hardware systems for a wide range of purposes; structuring, managing and processing various kinds of information. ...
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