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Running Head: Emergent Technologies in Commercial Construction [Your Name] [Instructor’s Name] Emergent Technologies in Commercial Construction Introduction The need has arisen for solving urgent environmental problems that have been caused partially by an anthropogenic factor.


Oil depletion makes oil extraction more difficult and expensive, which has forced many countries to search for alternative fuel sources and energy conservation strategies (US Energy Information Administration, 2009). Due to these threats, sustainability planning has become the primary agenda for the states who are facing an energy crisis and environmental problems caused by destructive human activity. Since sustainability increases the chances to survive in the context of a complex and changing environment, timely planning of activities to enhance alternative energy usage seems the most reasonable (Hitchcock & Willard, 2008). This paper will present a framework to help organizations design sustainability plans, aided by discussion and analysis of innovative technologies and construction in real-life settings. The revelation of commercial construction and building technology innovations of the near future will also be discussed. There is a pronounced need to expand knowledge on commercial construction and energy, and on their influences on sourcing, building material use, construction processes, and interior/exterior design. In addition, the positive changes in the global construction patterns that can create a reliable and sustainable living environment will be predicted. ...
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