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Essay example - Summary on Creep Behavior of Discontinuous SiC-Al composites

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Engineering and Construction
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Name Instructor Task Date “Summary on Creep behavior of discontinuous SiC-Al composites” This article states that Metal Matrix Composites (MMCs) are important in linking metallic and ceramic properties. This is because MMCs have elevated strengths and good conductivities…

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The first experiment tested compressed creep on SiC with 3-5 wt. percentages of Li at a temperature of 505-866k. The results showed that Li increases the strengthening power of SiC and its wetting behavior. The second experiment tested the creep behavior of SiCw and SiCp covered with aluminum alloy at a temperature of 505-644k. The results showed that both composites were steady but SiCW was more resistant to creep compared to SiCp. The results were because of the variations in the components load bearing abilities, their strengths and the applied temperatures. The conducted experiments revealed that the quality of creep rates depend on the applied temperatures and stress (Mohamed, Park & Lavernia 22). The article also used the shear lag method to test the creep rate of discontinuous composites by applying stress and geographic parameters. In this method, the composite has short fibers inserted in the creeping matrix; the shear transports the load from the matrix to fiber and this approach applies creep power law. This method is efficient in transferring the load from matrix to fiber and handling stress level within the fiber. ...
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