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Name Tutor Institution Subject Code Date of submission Field Exploration and Reservoir Review Assignment Question 1.4A: Since the expenditure is to be split into two approximately equal parts, separated by three years, what is your team’s development plan that will minimize loss of production?


This tool will: I. Evaluate production achieved and the expectations, II. Enhance communication that will allow exchange of ideas between the employee and the supervisor on matters concerning job performance, III. Assist in highlighting areas that employees will require training and development needs as well as plan for growth in their career, IV. Assist in identifying skills to enhance promotion, V. Act as pillars for organization and employee goals and VI. Offer legal protection against false lawsuits against termination. Through performance evaluation, several benefits will be accrued. These include: I. The work done will be easily controlled and II. The employees will always feel motivated and as a result, production will increase, To achieve these benefits, performance reviews must be conducted annually and rely on individual job-related issues. A guideline must be provided that is used in the review of individual based performance and a review of the past performance. Team based performance must be annually reviewed. The review must rely on the performance of the team in relation to the functions of the employees. The program is to enhance of quality of products. ...
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