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How remarkable this statement is when one relates it to the modern-day philosophy of developing products as per the market needs. After opening his laboratory in Menlo Park in 1876, Edison developed the phonograph, telephone transmitter, incandescent light and many other devices. Later on in 1887, he opened a larger laboratory in West Orange, New Jersey. He continued to work there for next 35 years and developed motion picture camera, improved version of phonograph, an alkaline storage battery, manufacturing process for cement and a technology for refining iron ore. Phonograph Phonograph is certainly one of the most cherished inventions of Edison. Though the device was invented in 1878, it continued to rock the market for several decades throughout the world. Market made the major use of phonograph in playing music records. Edison already had several uses of phonograph in his mind and he was sure that world would get crazy about this invention. Some of them can be listed as per the following. 1. It will serve the purpose of stenographer. 2. In educational institutions where teacher's lessons or instruction can be preserved in phonograph and later on it can be referred by the students as and when needed. 3. The phonograph can preserve the family records or the last words of the dying person or any great person. 4. For blind person, it can speak lessons – already preserved for their learning. Needless to say that Edison had thought about so many uses of phonograph and huge market demand was

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Inventing Solutions
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Inventing solutions
Actually, an invention seeks to increase the effectiveness of a material making life easier. In the recent times, the world of engineering and construction has experienced significant inventions that demonstrate growth in technology. Despite their foreseeable significance to the society, inventions are expensive to come up, as they require huge financial and mental input.
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at altitude km above sea level. a) It is difficult to determine exactly at what value of altitude the pressure drops to zero. In fact, concentration of atmospheric gases (and the pressure respectively) always exceeds zero value; see (Ahren 2000). However, we can determine as an altitude above which the pressure becomes negligible, say, less than 1mb (i.e.
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ver it may involve anything similar to building a welfare centre for the service of the deserving or the running/ maintenance of a charitable school for the children of the needy. The national organization for human services quotes the formal definition of human services
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Amusement Park would be located in Washington D.C. as the city is the capital and has a business look to it. The company would like to bring the city a new kind of ‘fun’ look with this amusement park. Educational places like Smithsonian also exist there but
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expected of the device. Edison was right in his forecast about the market demand; market really went crazy after the phonograph in those days (Inventions 2012). Electric Lamp In 1979, Edison developed a carbon-filament lamp. He demonstrated operation of lamp at his Menlo Park laboratory. Very next year, he began producing lamps commercially in which he used carbonized bamboo as filaments. After finding that the oxygen weakens the platinum once it gets heated, he put the filament in a vacuum bulb. This surely improved the performance of his lamp. The market was eagerly waiting for a device that could solve their lighting needs. Edison applied the Joule's and Ohm's laws in developing high resistance lamps reducing the size of copper conductors and thereby its cost. He was the first person to convert carbon into a wire-kind ; the invention helped him to make incandescent electric lamps providing one more utility that fulfilled market needs (Inventions (2012). Electric Power System When question comes to developing electric power system, he felt the need to develop host of other devices such as electrical generator, electric motors, fuses to prevent overloading, and the screw socket to hold lamps. Edison also designed a direct-current system that was required to provide power to an isolated single building. Soon he realized that an alternating current system was a better alternative for high-voltage transmission. He did not develop an alternating current system because he believed that high voltages were unsafe. His contribution to the development of electrical systems and devices is unprecedented (Inventions 2012). Motion Picture Camera After designing phonograph, his attention focused on a device that can show moving pictures. Here he got support of his colleague W. K. L. Dickson who was a photographer. The motion picture camera came into being


Inventing Solutions Introduction Thomas Edison’s contribution is immense when one thinks about his amazing scientific inventions having huge utility value in the last more than 100 years. Edison had a remarkable problem solving capacity and all his inventions are outcome of his dogged perseverance to find the solution on the issue that he worked on time to time…
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Inventing Solutions essay example
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