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Inventing Solutions Introduction Thomas Edison’s contribution is immense when one thinks about his amazing scientific inventions having huge utility value in the last more than 100 years. Edison had a remarkable problem solving capacity and all his inventions are outcome of his dogged perseverance to find the solution on the issue that he worked on time to time.


How remarkable this statement is when one relates it to the modern-day philosophy of developing products as per the market needs. After opening his laboratory in Menlo Park in 1876, Edison developed the phonograph, telephone transmitter, incandescent light and many other devices. Later on in 1887, he opened a larger laboratory in West Orange, New Jersey. He continued to work there for next 35 years and developed motion picture camera, improved version of phonograph, an alkaline storage battery, manufacturing process for cement and a technology for refining iron ore. Phonograph Phonograph is certainly one of the most cherished inventions of Edison. Though the device was invented in 1878, it continued to rock the market for several decades throughout the world. Market made the major use of phonograph in playing music records. Edison already had several uses of phonograph in his mind and he was sure that world would get crazy about this invention. Some of them can be listed as per the following. 1. It will serve the purpose of stenographer. 2. In educational institutions where teacher's lessons or instruction can be preserved in phonograph and later on it can be referred by the students as and when needed. 3. ...
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