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Inventing Solutions by Thomas Edison Name Course Tutor’s Name 1st, November, 2012 Introduction Undeniably, businesses find it difficult to maintain a competitive edge in the 21st century. This is so especially, where the business does not have the expertise to invent new differentiated products in the market.


Therefore, the process of invention starts with identifying a market, developing valuable ideas to fill up the gap between the need and the available products, and actual production of goods and services. Thomas Edison is a great inventor who did not have existing systematic approach to use for his invention and thus had to use trial and error. This paper will examine the work of Thomas Edison, his approach of need, solution and market demand, and his laboratory. Thomas Edison’s Work Edison approach to his work related to the approach of need, solution, and demand in various ways. All his works started by conceiving an idea, then he will read about everything that has to do with his conception from his vast library and establish past accomplishments. Later he would consider literature about experiments made about this subject and then delve into it, producing many other experiments (Dyer & Martin, 2005). He had the ability to deal with complex changes because of his ability to put down a sketch of conceived ideas, which he would manipulate on a paper. He was patient enough to use trial and error in absence of adequate theories. Edison’s first work started as early as 1877 when he invented a phonograph, which is a device for playing and recording back sound. ...
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