The automobile industry in the US in 1920s Essay example
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Name Institution Course Tutor Date The Automobile Industry The automobile industry is a part of the engineering sector and is involved in the devising, growth, production, and selling of vehicles. It is one of the major industries in the world in terms of economic worth and revenue.


Karl Benz, a German engineer, was the one who designed and produced the first vehicle in 1885. He finally obtained a patent for his discovery in 1886. The vehicle was a horse carriage with an engine. His wife, Bertha Benz, set on undertaking a grueling return trip journey from Mannheim to Pforzheim, a distance of about 100 kilometers [1]. This journey was a test to probe that the car was completely reliable for use, and that it could substitute the horse-drawn coach. This marked the start of mass production of the automobile in 1888. In 1889, Gottlieb Daimler collaborated with Wilhelm Maybach to invent a car that was completely different from Benz’s innovation [2]. The narration of the business dates back to the 18th century. The year 1979 manifested the arrival of the steam engine vehicles that possessed the ability of reliable conveyance. In 1806, the planet experienced the construction of automobiles that used engines that utilized the internal combustion of fuel. This innovation was what led to the invention of the engines in 1885. In the early 20th century, cars that used electricity came on the scene, but not for a long time because the world was not yet ready for them [1]. Generally, the history of the dawn of the automobile evolved through different eras, according to the engines’ sources of power, and the mode of propulsion. ...
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