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Old Trafford Author Institution Name Course Number/Name Instructors Name Date of Submission Abstract The Old Trafford football stadium is widely known as the home of the most notably well known football club, which is Manchester United. It is also known as the largest football ground in the UK.


Opened in 1910, Old Trafford was originally intended to hold eighty thousand spectators, making it the second-largest sports ground in the country following Wembley Stadium. All the information regarding events that have occurred in the club’s history, from the club’s founding in 1878 to its activities in present times, is all preserved in the Manchester United Museum whilst the Hall of Fame reveres numerous soccer athletes who have assisted the team, Manchester United, rule the English football league throughout the years. The Trophy Room displays sufficient silver and brass that can try to outshine the Crown Jewels. Introduction: Historical and Cultural setting The Industrial Revolution began in the late 18th century in England but it is a well known fact that from the conclusion of the 18th century, essential economic and social transformation occurred in England. This included: a remarkable increase in countrywide population sizes brought about by a more rapid growth of existing towns and cities, changing birth and mortality rates predominantly in capital cities Manifestation of new social classes associated to people’s place as workers within the industry or as the owners of industries in the manufacturing process. ...
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