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Assignment example - Current and Future Development of Irvine

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Engineering and Construction
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Name: Class: Instructor: Introduction The city of Irvine has a Mission Statement, embedded on five values. The mission statement states that the mission of the employees is to “create and maintain a community where people can live, work and play in an environment that is safe, vibrant and aesthetically pleasing”…

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William Pereira, a Los Angeles architect and Raymond Watson, an employee to Irvine Company. The city is divided into townships known as villages. The six lanes within the city separate the townships. The townships have houses of similar designs, commercial centers, and institutions. The city’s design resembles the shape of a necklace, as the residential areas surrounded by two commercial districts; the Irvine Business Complex and Spectrum. The streets have landscaping allowance, with rights of way serving as bicycle corridors, parks and greenbelts. These help in preserving ecology of the city. There is control of home appearance by the home owner’s association. House roofing, color paints and landscaping are controlled. Each village was designed and planned to have a distinct architectural theme. The city was incorporated on December 28th, 1971, with Charter Law as its form of government, City Council under control of the city manager. The city has a population of 223,000 hardworking communities, who have chosen the city as their home. Its population has grown steadily for the past 40 years. The population growth percentage is 20% between 1970 and 1980. Ever since that time, it has stagnated to a growth of 2% per year. The city relatively started with a young population base. Irvine is now ranked the 98th largest city in the US according US Census Bureau. ...
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