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An approach list of the lodge substructure; The construction of the lodge will undergo three stages namely ground works, brick work, wall plastering and roofing. Each of the construction stages has several works and costs to be incurred in the process of the construction.


The length of the lodge is 14 meters and the width is 10 meters. The rear roofing will not be excavated. The perimeter area that is to be excavated is the outer 2m width, and the depth will be 2.75 m. On the first day at the site, only the excavator and the driver will be present since the only work on that day will only involve digging up the ground. The material extracted is of poor quality and will be deposited in a pit far away from the site. The material is to be transported to a pit 8 km away by 20 tones capacity lorry. The number of lorries to be used during excavation period are two, which means the time taken to load one lorry is equal to the time taken by the other lorry to ferry the unwanted soil and come back. The time taken to load a lorry is estimated to be 30 minutes, thus, the speed of the lorry is 32 km per hour. That means in a day each lorry is expected to make 8 trips but one lorry will take one less trip which is lost at the start of the day meaning the total number made in a day are 15. Thus, the excavator and the general operations will take 12 days while the lorry and the loader will cover 12 days. The ground work will involve the laying down of a building foundation that will include parts of walls, piers and a column. ...
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