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Engineering and Construction
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Linden Homes are the selected developer for the Lower High street site by Southampton City Council. Linden Homes’ development will be constructed on a Brownfield site. The project is designed to achieve Code Level 5


The main goal of this development is to eliminate carbon (IV) oxide and reduce energy consumption. Additional existing units, three historical buildings on the site are to be retained and completely refurbished for their historical importance. Suitable Forms of Construction for Development Foundation of a building should be proportional to an interface soil at a given stress level, and to acceptable limits of settlements. Settlement analysis is important in building foundation because when neglected can cause failure or collapse in structural members (Bowles, J. E. 1997). Uncontrolled settlement causes distortion and cracking of structures. Another factor that must be considered before designing foundations is the soil parameter. Drilled pile foundation controls settlement at marginal soil site and therefore, an existing ground is utilized to give required pile lengths and minimal settlement. A single pile is a thin and long member used in distribution of applied loads from the top to the ground at lower levels (Fleming, G. K et al 1985). This method of piled foundation will be best for the construction of Linden Homes because: Soil structure that is of soft or poorly compacted will be dealt with well The proposed structures are highly concentrated loads; they are up to four storey’s high According to Whitaker, Piles will carry exerted load through end bearing and shear stress mobilizations. ...
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