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Generating electricity Name Instructor Institution Generating electricity in Auckland Energy is a highly crucial aspect in the growth and development of the modern society. In its many forms, it enables us to perform a variety of activities like heating, lighting of homes, travelling, growing of crops and also undertaking business among others.


Most of the energy is generated in large power stations located too far from where the energy is in use. Therefore, they rely on the importation of energy so as to meet the increasing demand. Electricity is imported from New Zealand, which is characterized by a series of generation plants, and transported to the region through the national grid (David 2002). Natural gas from Taranaki is piped via a series of underground gas pipes and lines, whereas, petrol and aviation fuel produced at Marsden Point Refinery is conveyed to the county via a single pipe. Auckland portrays strong energy demand since the war characterized by high costs of transportation of fuel, increasing reliance on imported energy and low resilience towards altering energy supplies. The council has recognized that Auckland’s continued dependence on imported energy and the lengthy supply chains will pose risks to the future energy security of the country. Therefore, they must appropriately manage their energy sources by ensuring proper land use decisions are made on the understanding of the current peak oil demand, and the perception of the climate change. ...
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