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Engineering and Construction
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Running head: REFLECTIVE JOURNAL FOR CONSTRUCTION AND ENGINEERING Reflective Journal Name Course Tutor’s Name 8th, May, 2012 Reflective Journal for Construction and Engineering Introduction Reflection is one of the most important since it gives the learner an opportunity to revisit the work and be in a position to categorize concepts one can comprehend and those one may be having troubles understanding.


When joining Construction and engineering, the majority of students come with varying opinions regarding the course but what matters at the end is how each is able to transform the ideas into realistic arguments that can revolutionize the world. Reflective writing in this course equips one with an opportunity to evaluate not only the concepts learned but also on the intensity of intellectual growth and come up with sources of supplementary information. Engineering is course that actively engages the students and challenges them to be imaginative, and have numerous outlooks. Engineering is among the greatest powers of civilization. This journal focuses on the reflecting on aspects of construction and engineering. Course Content and Relevance Competency Element Claimed Introduction to Engineering The first topic “Introduction to Engineering” was on the basic concepts relating to engineering. Engineering cuts across several subjects and is therefore a mixture of art, science, math, social work. Concepts such as definition of Engineering, its significance, a historic background, achievement that have been made in the field of engineering, disasters in the field, and other basic but fundamental aspects of engineering are covered. ...
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