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Knowledge management in construction industry Name Institution Executive summary In the recent days, construction projects have become so dynamic and complicated that managers of these projects face great challenges in managing the projects. That is, Project-based construction companies (or organizations) are faced with a number of challenges and threats.


It is because of these problems that knowledge management (which entails generation and Embedment of knowledge into the operations of these construction organisations) has been enhanced. Regardless of the fact that generation and Embedment of knowledge in these organizations is of great importance, their implementation is also faced with challenges such as mistrust, and poor management of knowledge among others. Introduction Construction projects have become very dynamic and complicated in the recent times such that managers of these projects face great challenges in managing the current projects (Bektas, Heintz, & Wamelink 2007). Normally, construction companies as well as their employees perform activities as well as tasks associated with project management based on the past experience instead of following or using approaches prescribed in textbooks (Sydow, Lindkvist, & DeFillippi 2004). They also prefer these carrying out project management activities based on their past work experiences to utilizing analytical approach. Also, costs associated with retaining, recruiting and attracting employees who are talented and experienced is normally high. ...
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