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How to use a Rubber in Mobile Phones

These devices represent one of the most advanced (sophisticated) technologies ever developed by human beings (Karim 2010). Through them people can communicate with each other, surf on the internet, listen to music, watch videos, and play games among other functionalities. The various functionalities of mobile phones are normally enhanced by design and use of a variety of components in their manufacture. In this regard, mobile phones normally consist of several components, and these components are made from a wide variety of materials (Chan 2007). The materials from which mobile phones components are made include plastics, rubber, magnets, paper and metals among others. This paper, therefore, aims at investigating how rubber is currently used in the design and manufacture of mobile phones. The paper also aims at investigating the alternative areas in mobile phone design and construction that rubber can be used. Main parts of mobile phone and their use The main components of mobile phones are: battery, SIM card, circuit board, keyboard, speaker and microphone, antenna, software, and Liquid Crystal Display screen (commonly abbreviated as LCD screen) among others (Mueller 2013). Circuit board Circuit board is amongst the most important components of a mobile phone. ...
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How to use a Rubber in Mobile Phones Name Institution Introduction Mobile phones (also known as cell phones) have been available for a long period of time now (approximately 50 years) (Karim 2010). Regardless of the fact that mobile phones have been in existence for a very long period of time, it is in the recent times that they have become available for many people in the society…
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